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(чтобы не сканировать для Ser g завтра)
The upper level is the top drilled hole, the lower level is the bottom drilled hole, and the notch is the notch in the side of the dipstick above the upper drilled hole.

1) Park on a level surface and stop the engine (My comment: this means the engine has been run, i.e. not stone cold in the morning)
2) Pull dipstick out, wipe clean and re-insert
3) Make sure the dipstick is pushed fully home and the oil can symbol is the correct way up looking from the front of the car, the symbol going left to right.
4) Pull out the dipstick and check the oil level, if it is below the lower level add oil to bring up to the upper level
5) If you check the oil level just after stopping the engine, wait a few minutes for the oil to drain back into the oil pan before checking the level.
6) Just after driving or while the engine is warm, the engine oil reading may be in a range between the upper level and the notch mark. This is caused by thermal expansion of the oil
7) To prevent overfilling the engine, do not add any additional oil above the upper level when the engine is cold.

What I read from that is that to check the oil level, fire the engine up for 1 minute, switch of and leave for 5 minutes then set the oil level to the top drilled hole. Take it for a run and then once fully up to temp the oil level should be above the top drilled hole and below or on the notch on the side of the dipstick.

For track use I would check the oil level after the car has come off track and has stood for 5 minutes, it should be between the top drilled hole and the side notch.

As an important note, overfilling with oil is as bad as under filling, you put the oil control rings on the pistons under great stress when you overfill, this can lead to excessive bore wear.

This information has been received from Mobil.

Mobil 1 0W-40
Subaru Japan have stated that all oils with a 0W rating will invalidate engine warranty. This is because 0W viscosity has not been tested by Fuji Heavy Industries and is unlikely to be tested by them in the near future. It is not a result of engine problems and is not related to synthetic technology or oil quality. This oil which operates at temperatures as low as minus 54 degrees exceeds the quality level required of Subaru vehicles. This oil was used by customers for 2 years in Subaru engines without any claims for engine failure before the Warranty Bulletin was produced regarding OW oils.
Mobil recommend Mobil 1 0W-40 for vehicles outside warranty.

Mobil 1 15W-50

Mobil 1 Motorsport 15W-50 uses the same synthetic technology which results in fast flow rates and reduced friction. It is designed for ardous race and rally use at the highest temperatures where a thicker more stable oil is required. Again this lubricant has not been tested by Fuji Heavy Industries so they canot give approval.
Mobil recommend 15W-50 for use outside of the warranty.

Mobil 1 5W-40

Using the same technology as Mobil 1 0W-40, MOBIL HAS MADE MOBIL 1 5W-40 EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE TO SUBARU DEALERS.
This product fulfils the viscosity requirements of Subaru for use in all of their model range. Mobil 1 5W-40 makes available the same benefits achieved by Mobil 1 without the extreme low temperature capability and ulta quick circulation offered by the 0W rated product. Mobil 1 5W-40 will be available exclusively to Subaru dealers for routine servicing. For interim lubricant top-up, we advise customers to either return to dealer for top-up or use Mobil 1 Motorsport 15W-50 for DIY top-up. While Motorosport is 15W-50m, the viscosity will have negligible effect on the sump viscosity and the lubricants are totally compatible.

Semi-synthetics 10W-40

Mobil Super S 10W-40 and Duchams QXR 10W-40 have been accepted for use during the warranty period and whilst not delivering the optimum performance of fully synthetic engine oil, they still exceed the performance requirements necessary to meet the Subaru warranty.


During the warranty period and in order to adhere to the viscosity requirements of the Subaru warranty, Mobil recommend the use of Mobil 1 5W-40, Mobil Super S 10W-40 or Duckhams QXR 10W-40. Out of warranty, Mobil recommend Mobil 1 OW-40 or Mobil 1 Motorsport 15W-50"
My thoughts
It appears that the dealer CAN use MOBIL 1 oil, the 5W-40. However this is not available to the general public but only to SUBARU dealers. The other MOBIL 1 products will invalidate your warranty, the 0W-40 and 15W-50 types. However using Mobil Super S 10W-40 is okay for your warranty but MOBIL recommend the best oil to use outside your warranty is Mobil 1 0w-40 or Mobil 1 Motorsport 15W-50. So for the people who have wrote and said that their dealer uses MOBIL 1, then it is almost certain to be this exclusive 5W-40 rated oil which we canot buy. At least the above should clear up everything regarding the use of MOBIL 1. The above is the official statement by MOBIL, it looks like to me that the Mobil 1 Motorsport is a good oil and is probably the best oil but if we put it in our engines we know that SUBARU will not honour the warranty.

По рекомендациям 2005.

Официальные рекомендации Австралии.

Официальные рекомендации Канады.

Требования 2007 года.

Странно вообще. Затих весь мир, не знает о волшебном маслице Субару, из-за которого с гарантии снимают.
Имхо-хороший адвокат и в суд.

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В статье речь идет только о Мобил.И только применительно к Австралии. Причем тут субаровское масло? Оно для внутреннего рынка японии.
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Старый 16.05.2012, 14:10   #3
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В статье речь идет только о Мобил.И только применительно к Австралии. Причем тут субаровское масло? Оно для внутреннего рынка японии.
да чувак как всегда в своем стиле... хватанул что то, где то и не совсем по теме...
НУ не любит он Subaru SM 5w30 ))
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Не понимаю я вашего накала страстей.

субаровское масло идет 5 в 30, если мне не изменяет память.

в статье же пишут про 0 в 40.

кстати 0 в 40, очень здравое маслице в мороз -40 в Сибири
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Масло для автомобилей СУБАРУ, обеспечивающее высочайший уровень рабочих характеристик и защиты, позволяющее уменьшить расход топлива. Рекомендовано для двигателей, работающих в высоконагруженных режимах, оборудованных турбиной.
4 литра
Производитель: компания Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd; Tokyo 100-8321, Япония

Протокол испытаний:
1 Плотность при 20 С, кг/куб.м; ГОСТ 3900-85; = 849
2 Вязкость кинематическая при 40 С, сСт; ГОСТ 33-2000; = 57, 63
3 Вязкость кинематическая при 100 С, сСт; ГОСТ 33-2000; = 10, 36
4 Индекс вязкости; ГОСТ 25371-97; = 170, 3
5 Щелочное число, мг КОН/г; ГОСТ 11362-96; = 6, 23
6 Температура вспышки, С; ГОСТ 4333-87; = 220
7 Температура потери текучести, С; ГОСТ 20287-91; = -38
8 Зольность сульфатная, 7;; ГОСТ 12417-94; = 0, 89

Данные по маслам 5-30 и дискуссия о их целесообразности.

Кратко для не желающих увидеть истину.
Вы переплачиваете 40-50 процентов за минералку фирмы т.е. "оригинал", я добился своей веткой. Да и дискуссия, наконец, перешла в область цены, а не качества.
В предпоследнем тесте масел(достаточно обьективном) ЗР сделан вывод, до которого мы дошли опытным путем.
В моторы старше 3 лет или с пробегом под сотню лить масло с минимальной зольностью.
В "свежие" моторы-с минимальным лакообразованием.
И что оказывается?
Основной ориентир как раз те показатели, которые фирмы не желают озвучивать.
To mopedos
Найти не поддельный мобил-удача сама по себе. Польша завалила бочками "бормотухи" весь северо-запад. А с канистрами, думаю, проблема еще выше.
Остается верить дилеру...
Я поверил и в отпуске слил мотюл(вот тот угорал, так угорал), как только нашел честный мобил.
Я был бы благодарен форумчанам, если б они в этой ветки выложили данные по зольности и лакообразованию для масла якобы "Subaru".
И сравнили их с мобилом, кастролом, лукойлом.
Так было бы корректнее.
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Старый 17.01.2013, 13:53   #6
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Я и беру Мотюль из-за того что на 99% уверен в его не поддельности.
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